wear solutions

SAPEG Wear Solutions covers a wide range of long-lasting wear parts for industrial applications sutch as recycling shredders, aluminium processing equipment, wood shippers, stone crushers etc.

Shredding knives

SAPEG offers tungsten carbide industrial knives for various shredding and granulating purposes.

Using a body of steel combined with inserted segments made of tungsten carbide, the result is an extremely durable solution that increases the liftetime significantly compared to traditional products of steel.

The design is optimal for secondary shredders for production of RDF/SRF. It ensures high quality on the processed product as well as reduced maintenance costs and less hours spent on knife replacement.

Knives for various machines are available. Contact us › for more information.

Drill heads, inserts and cutters.

SAPEG delivers high quality drill heads as well as sintered tungsten inserts and cutters for the cleaning of various types of aluminium processing equipment, such as tapping pipes and crucibles.

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Hammers for bark removal, wood recycling, rock crushing etc.

SAPEG deliver modified industrial hammers with sintered tungsten carbide for industrial purposes. The products are designed for various machines from different suppliers. Our solutions gives significantly longer life time than  traditional hammers.

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Drawing Dies

SAPEG delivers wolfram carbide (tungsten) drawing dies for copper and aluminium cables. A wide range of dimensions are available. Nanocrystalline diamond coating (CVD) optional. Contact us › for more information.



Flange, valve and pipe bend reinforcement

SAPEG offers solutions of tungsten carbide for extending the life time of pipe components exposed to erosion, corrotion, cavitation, mechanical impacts etc.

We offer tailor- made solutions to reduce breakdowns in pipe and flange systems, either we are talking about the extremely corrosive phosphate rock, or the mechanical stress caused by transporting wooden chips contaminated with metal parts and rocks.



Wear segments

SAPEG has designed customer solutions for reduced wear on critical components in various industrial applications.

Normally, the design consists of a steel body with a tungsten carbide insert. All materials selected to obtain the best possible result, wether we are talking about de-watering presses for pulp or stone crushers.



SAPEG provides, design, flow analysis, construction and manufacturing of tungsten carbide nozzles on specification from our customers.

We have in-house CNC grinding machines for surface and thread grinding of tungsten carbide parts.


Grinding Services

SAPEG offers precision surface- and cylindrical CNC grinding on steel and tungsten carbide parts.



SAPEG offers manual and CNC machining, such as turning, milling and drilling.