R.U.S.T. Cold Work Grinding Tools

The most efficient alternative for power tool surface treatment in explosive areas. Cold Work Approved. No hot sparks. Low temperature.  Low noise <85dB. Low vibration 2.5 m/s2.
R.U.S.T. pneumatic grinding tools are tested according to ATEX directive for use in explosive atmospheres, and that is without using the water-cooling feature.

For safety reason it’s strongly recommended to use the water-cooling feature, when used in EX areas.

The energy level in the grinding prosess is kept very low due to the low rotating speed, the properties of the tungsten carbid studs and the use of cooling water, that prevent heated particles.

R.U.S.T. grinding tools for surface and mechanical treatment.
By using R.U.S.T. cold work grinders you will achieve the best preparation grade faster than any other ATEX approved mechanical tool in the marked. R.U.S.T. efficiently remove rust, coating (paint, chartek, silicone/rubber, bitumen etc.), scale, welding seams and weld spatter, salt and other contaminations on the surface.

Prepare the Surface for good adhesion, roughness and cleanliness.
Test results:
Adhesion: 10-25 MPa (ISO 4624).
Surface roughness profile: 75 – 105 microns (2.9 – 4.1 mils).
Surface cleanliness preparation grade: SSPC-SP11 to Bare Metal (American Standard)
(After Swedish standard ISO 8501-1 most similar to St.3).
Surface Preparation standards

R.U.S.T. offers a cost efficient alternative to the existing methods and other mechanical tools in the marked. Grinding disk and rotary burrs are made of tungsten carbide – long working lifetime. R.U.S.T. is perfect for small and medium- sized maintenance tasks, the power tools is easy and safe to operate.

RUST grinding tools for use in explosive atmospheres and hazardous environments.
Ideal for work on offshore platforms, onshore, oil and gas refineries, chemical and pharmaceutical plants, tankers, gas carriers, power plant, Railway sector and more.

Important: When used in a EX-area, it must be documented by the owner of the tool, that the operator have received training on the RUST grinder. (requirement in ISO 9001) Download the MS-Word draft.

Health, Safety and Enviroment
– Cold Work Approved.
– Approved for use on Steel and AISI 316 Stainless Steel
– No hot sparks. Low temperature.
– Low vibration <2,5 m/s².
– Low noise <85 dB. Little or no dust.

The demo is used without the water-cooling feature to better see the end result.

RUST documentation
Technical Data
Userguide NO
Userguide US
Userguide ESP
Operating instructions for grinding, NO & US


R.U.S.T. grinding disk is made of tungsten carbide - Long working Lifetime.

R.U.S.T. grinds and removes rust, coating (paint, chartek, Silicon/rubber, bitumen etc.) salt and other contaminations.

R.U.S.T. efficiently grinds away welding seams and weld spatter. R.U.S.T. provides a smooth transition between the material and the weld.

R.U.S.T. rotary burrs is great to smooths sharp edges and grind inside pipes. Removes weld seams, coating, rust, salt and other contaminations.

R.U.S.T. Toolkit A weighs 8 kilos. Easy to bring to the working place. Allowed as luggage in helicopters (offshore).

The interchangeable high efficiency studs are made of tungsten carbide. Cost efficiency disks that are long-lasting; the studs can be replaced one by one when they are worn out. You don`t have to change the disk.