M.A.P.S™ Super effective Flowline Magnets.

MAPS™ (Magnetic Active Particle Separators) is an innovative solution for an efficient removal of magnetic particles from drilling fluids. Due to the unique and design of MAPS™ (patent pending), the drilling fluid flowing through the system will be exposed to a massive magnetic field removing large amounts of magnetic particles even down to submicron level (>5um).

Drilling fluids contaminated with magnetic particles causes excessive maintenance costs on mud pumps and downhole tools. Further, for directional drilling surveys, it has been found that magnetic particles in the drilling fluid disturbes the MWD directional tools and may cause errors in the azimuth in the range of 1-2° . This error may cause the directional driller (DD) to miss his pre-set target within the range of 1-200 meters while drilling long deviated wellbores.

MAPS™ is by far the most efficient flowline magnet available on the market, with a record showing 8 – 12x the efficiency of tradiotional solutions, resulting in significant maintenance savings and better drilling precision as added values for our customers.


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Operators utilising MAPS™ benefits from reduced NPT as less magnetic contamination results in less wear on:

  • Liners, pistons and valves in mud pumps.
  • High pressure rigs, especially 90-degree bends.
  • Downhole tools (MWD / LWD / Motors / RSS).

In addition, the use of MAPS™ in the flowline gives  less magnetic disturbance on sensitive measuring equipment and improves quality of directional measurement and positioning.

MAPS™ has a flexible design and can easily be adapted and fitted to flowlines in existing and new rigs.

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